My rod rating designations are as follows:

� (M) Mint - Appears to be unused/brand new
� (NM) Near Mint - As above with minor exceptions which are noted
� (EXC)Excellent - Shows signs of light to medium use
� (VG) Very Good - Shows signs of normal use
� (G) Good - Shows signs of heavy use. May be fishable as is, but likely needs work
� (F) Fair - Needs work prior to being fished
� (R) Restore


IGI=DT3     HDH=DT6    GAG=DT9


HEH=DT5    GBG=DT8   

You see something you are interested in make an offer, or I also will do some trading..  I am also in need of shorter rods so if you have something forsale or trade let me know...


  Granger Deluxe: Here's a Granger Wright&McGill Deluxe 9050. The rod is in vintage excellent condition . The rod is a beauty and all pieces correct length, ferrules are excellent,Cork is excellent and so is the varnish. The tube is in excellent condition 90 percent of orginal label is there. This rod is a beauty.   Pics will be up shortly..   PICS 1     PICS2      PICS  3     Thanks  Dave

A&F YELLOWSTONE SPECIAL:  Here's 7'6" 3/2 casting rod in good condition. All pieces are correct lenght and all guides and
ferrules are good and so is cork. Looks like 1 guide wrap has been replaced. $250.00      Pics1   Pics2 


LEONARD CASTING ROD: Here's a near mint restored Leonard 5 ft casting rod. There are 2 different butt section and 2 tips, all orginal  guides were used. I use YLI Red Silk on wraps and intermidates. The cork is good, ferrules are excellent and all fit excellent. There is a patent date but I cant read it to well there is a pic of patent date. All pieces correct length comes with orginal bag for tips and tube for tips. There is a Leather case for it and bag.  I have never seen any other Leonard casting rod so this is a very rare rod indeed. I am accepting offers or tades for this rod.. This rod and another Leoanard came from an Estate that were purchased sometime in the 20s.  $550.00  

PIC 1     PIC2    Patent Pic


ORVIS BATTENKILL : Orvis Battenkill 8ft 2/1 in excellent condition made that way. Has orginal bag and tube. Serial 49219. Cork is excellent and all pieces correct length and straight. $500.00 Free Shipping in the USA.   PICS1     PICS2    


EXC Southbend 59 8'6" 3/2 all pieces correct length. I did have to rewrap the mid and butt stripping guide, the tips are vintage and good and straight. The cork is in good condition and reel seat is brown alumni . Rod only has bag in excellent condition. 145.00  Pics 1       Pics2  



  Heddon Bill Stanley# 20 3/2 8ft 2 ferrule, with orginal bag and tube. This rod is a vintage Near Mint .All pieces correct length and straight. Rod has only been fished a few times.. This is a Beauty  I will allow a 3 day inspection period on  rod.   $850.00     PICS1        PICS2  


Heddon Folsom 1512 2 piece 7ft restored by Ron Huff and hasnt been Fished  since. This rod is the same as a Heddon  Feather Weight #10. This is a beautiful rod , will cast a 4wt line very nicely. All pieces correct length and straight. Ferrules are good. New bag and tube. I will allow a 3 day inspection period on  rod..$ 850.00    Pic1     Pic2

Marvin Hedge  Heddon 6ft 2 piece, in excellent condition. This rod is very collectable. Has the special grip with with holes no thumb rest. This rod was for Marvin buddy a Lure maker Leo Renau..I will allow a 3 day inspection period on  rod.                   $1200   Pic1       Pic2

GRANGER VICTORY.  This rod is a 9ft 3/2 that has been completely restored useing all orginal guides and I used vintage Orange and Black jasper silk thread and black trim bands. This rod is a very early rod beacuse it has 2 black trim bands and nickle silver sliding band reelseat. Comes with orginal bag and replacement Granger tube Rod is good and straight and ferrules are excellent. This rod is a very nice 5/6wt rod..  $450.00   PICS 1      PICS 2  


ORVIS BATTENKILL: Here's a vintage  near mint 7'6"2/1 made that way Orvis Battenkill.  This rod is a very nice 6wt rod. Rod comes with orginal bag and tube, ferrules are excellent, cork is excellent and all pieces are correect length and straight. SERIAL number 83018  $450.00  Pics      Pics   


HARDY PALKONA: Here's a pretty nice 6'10" 2/1 made that way. All pieces are correct length, and straight. The ferrules are good, cork is good and all guides are attached. This is a very nice 4/5wt that comes with orginal bag and tube.$350.00       Pics          Pics  

HEDDON#17 BLACK BEAUTY:   The rod is a 8ft 3/2 1 3/4 ferrule, in excellent restored condition. The ferrules are excellent, cork is excellent all pieces correct except 1 tip is a replacement. Rod comes with orginal bag and tube in excellent condition.  The replacement tip is brand new built by A.J. Thramer. This will make a very nice fishing rod.$500.00  PIC1   PIC2   PIC3


SOUTHBEND BAMBOO FLYROD:  Southbend 5256 3/2 9ft, restored to orginal condition. All pieces correct length, ferrules excellent and cork is excellent. Rod comes with orginal bag and tube.$ 250.00 

SOUTHBEND BAMBOO FLYROD  #47  Near mint restored 8'6" 3/2 . Rod has been restored all pieces correct length, all orginal guides were used and has been wrapped orange&black jasper silk was used.  The cork is in excellent shape also. Rod comes with orginal bag and replacement tube. Rod should cast a TT5 or DT 6 with no problems. This is a very nice rod. .  PICS 1      PICS 2 PICS  3  ..................$175.00



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